Growing up around Australian beaches I always felt at one with nature, relaxed and simple. have spent many years revamping homes on the East Coast and I continued to draw inspiration from these sun soaked easy living days in Sydney Australia.


My love of the beach lifestyle as well as passion for home design , travel art and the beautiful things in life drove the passion for the idea for the brand Wanda Living. Friends and family have always come into my homes and commented on my taste and select pieces and I thought if people love what I love I should create a brand around this.


The Brand is represented highly by my innate passion for design and a keen eye for luxury. And to show that by bringing lux pieces into our homes you can still achieve a relaxed feel and lifestyle. If you create beautiful relaxed spaces, people will come back to this beautiful place endlessly…like the waves and the sea hugging the shores of the ocean.


Being able to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my insatiable appetite for interior design, fashion, and love of travel, I have searched the world for luxury products that enhance the beauty of your life and home but maintain that down to earth relaxed quality…Which will invite a heartwarming gathering of family and friends.


I am committed to creating a joyful, peaceful, loving, and affectionate world for myself and everybody around me. My products should bring joy to your life and your home. Additionally, I celebrate the craft of artisans and the beauty of nature as I support and work with them. My trust in their creativity and ability empowers their community. It is what makes my Brand stand out from the sea of competitors and it is because of this I am able to create High quality handmade pieces - not off the production lines.


As I bravely follow my deeply rooted desire for success in building this brand I hope to also effortlessly inspire ambitious and aspiring like minded entrepreneurs to also follow their dreams!


Roz xx