How We Started

Wanda Living is an Australian lifestyle brand. It was founded by Rosyln Cooper, also known as Roz. Wanda Living was named after Wanda Beach, a beach in Cronulla, Australia. This is where the owner's fire and passion ignite to build a brand that integrates all of her passion.

Roz was motivated by her desire to achieve a conversion from old to new, just as she set the highest standards in the industry. Her love for travel, design, and beach lifestyle has a special place in her mind and heart. She searches the world for luxury products that enhance the beauty of each of our homes and help us realize all aspiring dreams. The dream is to make all living spaces a better place. It is by adding a touch of Wanda Living to every home that will make the world more beautiful and better. The nice atmosphere of a well-designed house invites a heartwarming gathering of family and friends. Like the waves and the sea hugging the shores, people come to this beautiful place endlessly. This created a strong urge to create a variety of products that Roz and others love.

Our Inspiration

Crystal is a favorite of the company since it not only looks good but also has a lot of advantages. It engineers healing, balances energies, and gives the audience a sense of tranquility.

The brand has used the power of healing and energy in its product range. Using crystals, the brand wants to promote overall healing. It has a positive effect on a person's physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Wanda Living's products inspire the users to free themselves from their obstructions, past traumas, and old beliefs that no longer support them. When truly healed and free, they will be able to fully express their thoughts and finally be the best version of themselves!

Wanda Living focuses not only on aesthetics but also on environmental aspects of production to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

The brand is strongly influenced by nature and its great development. Cultivation is a common term we hear in agriculture, and when something is cultivated, it ultimately results in beautiful growth. Wanda Living aims to grow its business not only in terms of scale but also in terms of the success that accompanies it. And this success is based not only on the business growth but also on the fact that his end users and everyone involved in the creative process grow and improve their lives alongside the company's growth.

Our Vision

The Founder's Vision is to provide unique, high-quality handmade products that enhance the lifestyle of its users. The goal is to expand the range of products that covers home accessories, event needs, and travel essentials. The brand is looking forward to serving both the domestic and international markets.

She is committed to creating a joyful, peaceful, loving, and affectionate world for herself and everybody around her. Her products bring health for the body, peace & joy for the mind, love & compassion in the emotions, and blissfulness of energy. Her current line of products is made using agate crystals, which are earth's riches that have made their way into the home décor universe.

Our Legacy

Furthermore, it is her cause to help other artisans that have made this brand much more captivating. She has been a longtime patron of their handcrafted goods. Her trust in their creativity and ability empowers the community. Indeed, it is a heartfelt gift to the creators.

Wanda Living empowers many people through their very existence. It serves as an enabler for craftsmen to create more amazing gorgeous pieces. The brand inspires homeowners to turn their houses into the loving sanctuary where they can enjoy a flexible lifestyle. It supports the craft and businesses of designers, caterers, and vendors. Event lovers are inspired to celebrate, host, and gather people even more. And as Roz, bravely followed her deeply rooted desire of building this brand, she effortlessly inspires ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs to also follow their dreams!

Thank You!