We dream of having a great time with family and friends, surrounded by beautiful pieces that enrich the experience. A life and home where simplicity and beauty reign supreme. Encouraging a relaxed lifestyle where less is more. Combining texture and colour, resulting in striking, luxe, timeless pieces which will Inspire homeowners to turn their homes into a loving sanctuary.

We are committed to making beautiful and practical products, starting with our range of giftable Homeware and Event related products. All adorned with Agate Crystal accents and touches of Gold or Silver they exude healing and balancing energies, a sense of calm as well as a sophisticated touch to the home Use them for your special day and every day after.

We fully appreciate our focus not only on aesthetics but also on environmental aspects of production to always aim to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

We aim to grow the business not only in terms of scale but also through our existence we want to create success for everyone involved in the process and to empower them to also grow and improve their lives. Although we are only in the early years of our Wanda Living story, with a select few pieces to launch our range, we invite you to grow together with our Australian brand as we introduce more and more collections in the future.

We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.