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Decorative Wine Bottle Stoppers with stand (Set of 3) Crystal Wine Corks, Perfect Bar Set

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• SAVE NOW, SAVOR LATER – Left uncorked, wine and champagne lose body and bubbles. Keep remaining wine pleasing to the palette by preserving it with your wine stopper set of 3 by Wanda Living.

• TASTEFUL DECOR – Beautify your bar with Wanda Living. Your 3 crystal wine saver stoppers add sophisticated style and simple convenience to your bar since they come complete with a matching stand.

• UNCORK QUALITY – Preserve bottle after bottle with high-quality wine bottle stoppers. The strong stainless steel of your wine preserver keeps wine with little risk of corroding, bending, or breaking.

• HANDSOMELY HANDMADE – Don’t settle for trite wine preserver sets with countless copies. Each handcrafted Wanda Living wine bottle stopper is unique since we cut the agate crystals by hand.

• GORGEOUS GIFT – Whether you’re searching for an attractive anniversary gift for couple or beautiful bridesmaids’ gifts for wedding, set the bar high with a gift from Wanda Living.

Fine Function, Full Stop Oftentimes, household items are either pretty or practical. But at Wanda Living, we believe home decor should serve a purpose—and never at the expense of quality. Unlike rubber wine stoppers you want to hide or lovely stoppers that break, your Wanda Living champagne stoppers mix functionality and refinement. Set for display with a matching stand, your 3 crystal-topped stainless steel raise the bar on wine accessories.

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